Effective Communication

Our Transition Year Effective Communication Course runs for 13 weeks.  The course will focus on all aspects of Communication, Public Speaking, Presentation skills, Vocal work and student Well Being.  These skills are learnt through fun interactive games and activities and group presentation work. It is an ideal Course for TY Students as they can use it as the Personal Skill Component of the Gaisce Award. At the end of the course students will complete an Effective Communication/ Public Speaking Grade 6  exam with the Irish Drama Board of Speech and Drama . This exam covers presenting a talk on a topic of their Choice, a presentation of yourself and achievements to date , and an unprepared talk for one minute of a list of topics given by the examiner.   Over the  13 week course we will prepare for this exam through fun interactive activities. I feel this course is very relevant for students today and  by encouraging students to reflect  on their achievements and skills to date we will improve self esteem and build on their confidence.    I also include a one to one session with each student prior to the exam.  All  my  activities are group focused  in a fun safe  environment. The next Course starts in September 2021 and classes  will run each Wednesday evenings from 5-6pm,  6-7pm and 7-8pm. The course fee is 220 euros.

'Mary's course is absolutely crucial to anyone looking to improve their confidence and presentation skills. I used to be really nervous before presenting in school and that was reflected by everyone watching. However after this course I am more confident when presenting and feel a lot better about myself up on stage. The classes are very fun and creative, as well as being a great way to meet new people. I would definitely encourage people to do it as the results have been outstanding for me and my friends.'

Theo Scholard,  Transition Year Student St Michaels College   2016/2017

I also run private online one to one sessions on public speaking, voice and diction.   I create a personalised program around your needs. In my sessions you  will learn  to :
  • Present and speak in public with confidence
  • Effectively plan and prepare your presentation
  • Engage your audience with your own style of presentation
  • Control your nerves
  • Improve the quality and tone of your voice
  • Develop resonance and depth and flexibility in your voice
  • Make an Impact

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'' I loved doing this course this term. It has been one of my favourite things I have done in TY so far. For 13 weeks we learned about importance of engaging your listeners, pause, emphasis and structuring presentations and speaking in front of others. I enjoyed this course and  recommend it to other TY students.  Isabelle McCarthy - TY 2016/17  Mt Anville